Ataç Makina

05.06.2016 - 14:37

INCUBATOR that is widely demanded for its excellent performance, consistent operations and a reliable service life. It is specially Designed for Special Biological Oxyzen Demand Determination and other Application like General Incubation, Serum Studies and Enzyme assays Tests. EV250 Incubator is used for Conditioned curing of Samples, Curing in low temperatures, Persiparation Test s etc. Time and Temperature set is possible.

Work Temperature Heating / 250 C
Temp. Sensor PT100
Read Sensitivity 1 C
Control System Single Program PID Microprocessor
Timer 0…..999 dk + Continue Working
Useful Volume 50 lt
Shelf Pcs. 2 pcs.
Internal Material CR-Nİ Stainless Stell
External Material Powder Point
Circulation Air Capacity Mikser Turbo Fan
Safety Mechanical Thermostad
Sizes 750*500*560 mm
Weight 45 kg
Total Power 1 kW
Power Supply 220V , 50Hz