Ataç Makina

05.06.2016 - 13:18

GK40C/S Continuous Stenter is designed to make Chemical and impregnation application on Fabric samples in laboatories with bulk prodction conditions. Thermasoling, Fixation, Drying, Heat setting or any similar application can made on 35cm fabrics. Can be designed according to customers demand like Continuous Lamination Line, Pad Thermasol line, Pad Dry-Pad Steam line and/or special application Curing line.

Working Width 300 mm or 500mm
Heating Type SR. Rezistance
Cooling Type Air
Program Capacity Data Memory
Control 7,2″ veya 10″ TouchScreen + PLC
Sizes 860*2900*1600 mm
Infrared Heaters 2×3 Set
Foulard / Padder Roller Hardness 350 mm
80 mm
Foulard / Padder Roller width 300 mm
Foulard / Padder Roller Hardness 70 Shor
Foulard / Padder Roller Pressure 1-6 Bar
Foulard / Padder Roller Speed 0,5 – 15 m/dk
Knife Width 290 mm
Knife Angle -30/+30 position adjustable
Working on Cylinder Max. 8 mm
Working Between Two Cylinders Max. 5 mm
Cylinders Diameter 40 mm (2 pcs.)
Weight 340 Kg
Power Supply 380 V , 50Hz
Total Power 10 kW
Circulation Fan 1700 m3/min
Heating Capacity 6 kW